Visit To Mini Zoo in Andaman

Mini Zoo in Andaman
A very small zoosituated in Haddo nearby Port Blair is the Andaman’s Mini Zoo with very limited collection ofwild species. There are nearly 200 species of the birds and animals in Mini Zoo

The Zoo is much famous for its Crocodilebreeding programSome of the rarest species like Nicobar pigeon, the Andaman pig and the Andaman gecko can be seen in the Mini Zoo.

There are around 200 species of birds and animals in the mini zoo. The zoo is within the premises of the Forest Museum and can be visited in the same trip as the Forest Museum. 

There is a crocodile farm inside the zoo which is a breeding place for crocodiles which are later released into the coastal mangrove swamps.

The popularity of the Mini Zoo is attributed to the crocodile farming and breeding programs. These animals can be later seen in thewater surrounding the green forests. Some of the trees that are found are thepadauk, rosewood, 

Trip To Rangat Beach

Trip To Rangat Beach
Rangat is a town on the Middle Andaman Island, Andaman Archipelago. It is also one of the three counties administrative divisions of the North and Middle Andaman district, in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands union territory of India. Its population, according to the 2001 Census of India, was 38,824 people, mainly of Bengalis and Tamils.
        Rangat is 210 km from Port Blair and 70 km south of Mayabunder. The town is well connected by road and sea routes. Some nearby tourist attractions are Amkunj Beach Dhani Nallah located at out skirts of Rangat and Cutbert Bay Beach. The latter is an important turtle nesting ground, especially from December to February.

Cuthbert Bay Beach --- This is a little lesser-known beach but second to none in scenic views and beautiful surroundings. It is another one of Rangat’s natural gems that is multi-faceted in its beauty. It has some astounding spots which give you the most epic views of the crystal-clear horizon and the behemoth sea…

Going to Teressa Island


Teressa is one of the Nicobar Islands, India.

 Named after the Austrian Arch-duchess Maria Theresia, Teressa or Tarasa, is one of the most  beautiful of Nicobarese islands. It is the neighbour of the abandoned Bompuka island and is situated south of chowra island.

 The island surrounded by the silvery white sands is unique with its vast expanse of grasslands dotted with ubiquitous wild kevadi or Pandanus trees. This mesmerising verdure is interspersed with flowers of the most lurid colors ranging from flaming orange colored pagoda flowers, luxuriant clusters of shocking pink and purple rain lilies,  red and green wild poinsettias and wild lantanas with yellow and tangerine florets and riot of common floss flower or siam weed.

The island is serene and tranquil and is served by one north south road  that connects southern villages  luxi and Chukmachi with northern villages Bengali, Kalasi and Alurong and boasts of a brand new RCC jetty. However due to lack of br…

Great Nicobar Island Holiday Trip

Great Nicobar Island
Great Nicobar is the southernmost and largest of the Nicobar Islands of India, north of Sumatra.
Great Nicobar Torism places ----

Indira Point --- Indira Point or Pygmalion Point is a village in the Nicobar district of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. It is located in the Great Nicobar tehsil. It is the location of the southernmost point of India's territory. The Indira Point lighthouse was commissioned into service on 30 April 1972. Located 500 kilometres north of the epicenter of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, the southernmost tip subsided 4.25 metres after the earthquake, and many of the inhabitants went missing in the tsunami that followed. Sixteen to twenty families living next to the lighthouse and four scientists studying leatherback sea turtles were lost.

Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve --- The Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve encompasses a large part of the island of Great Nicobar, the largest of the Nicobar Islands in the Indian Union Territory of And…

Journey To OOTY

Journey To OOTY
  Ooty is a town and municipality in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located 86 km north of Coimbatore and 128 km south of Mysore and is the capital of the Nilgiris district. It is a popular hill station located in the Nilgiri Hills.
   Originally occupied by the Toda, the area came under the rule of the East India Company at the end of the 18th century. The economy is based on tourism and agriculture, along with the manufacture of medicines and photographic film. The town is connected by the Nilgiri ghat roads and Nilgiri Mountain Railway.  

 The origin of the name Udagamandalam is obscure. The first known written mention of the place is given as Wotokymund in a letter of March 1821 to the Madras Gazette from an unknown correspondent. In early times it was called OttakalMandu. "Mund" is the Anglicised form of the Toda word for a village 'Mandu'. The first part of the name is probably a corruption of the local name for the central region of the Nil…

Travel To Baratang Island

          Baratang Island is an island of the Andaman Islands. It belongs to the North and Middle Andaman administrative district, part of the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Baratang Island, is gifted with many natural wonders. It is one of the perfect places to visit for an adventure junkie with lots of love for nature. It has many things mashed in together like mangrove forests, limestone caves, mud volcanoes, beautiful creeks and pristine beaches. There is just so much to explore that you will not have enough time and energy to do so. It is one of lesser visited tourist spots because of its accessibility hindrances. The island gives you the opportunity to travel the offbeat path and discover the wild virgin beauty of nature.
    Places to visit in Baratang Island ----
 Limestone Caves --- A little dark when you enter but as you shine your flashlight at it, you will stand in awe. You will be wonderstruck when you see the amazing natural limestone …

Things To Do in Switzerland

Things To Do in Switzerland

Chamonix and Mont Blanc Day Trip from Geneva---
The European Alps on a full-day trip to Chamonix and Mont Blanc, highest mountain in Europe, from Geneva. With a guide, travel through the splendor of the countryside to Chamonix, a picturesque Alpine town, and ascend to the Aiguille de Midi peak in a modern cable car. Capture sweeping vistas of the French, Italian and Swiss Alps on camera and the take a scenic railway ride to Montenvers, home to Mer de Glace, the most famous glacier in France. Opt to include a 3-course lunch in Chamonix to enjoy an appetizing addition to the tour.

Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Day Trip from Lucerne ---
Travel to Jungfraujoch — Europe's highest railway station at a dizzying height of 11,333 feet — on this 9.5-hour day trip from Lucerne. A scenic coach drive via the Bernese Oberland delivers you to Lauterbrunnen for a cogwheel train ride. You’ll wind through the Kleine Scheidegg mountain pass below the foot of the Eiger North Face…

5 Best Honeymoon Destinations outside India in March

5 Best Honeymoon Destinations outside India in March

March is a beautiful month. The spring season is fully blooming and colours shower the surroundings all around the world. While the cold winter resides in its bed, spring jumps to life and make everything around it more and merrier. March is a great month to have your honeymoon. Here, we present to you top 5 honeymoon destinations outside India, where you can have an ostentatious time.

Athens - Greece---
The capital city of Greece, Athens is a city that is most famous for its history and association with the sports, Olympics. Athens is a city of great historical and architectural importance. Best time to visit You can visit Athens in the months of January to June to have a great time. Average cost/couple The cost of a trip to Athens can go from 80 thousand to 1.4 lakh rupees. How to reach You can reach Athens by taking a flight to the Athens airport, which is one of the most important cities in the worldMajor attractions Some of the …